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In Zenit we make professional nutritional plans totally adapted to the objective of each person. Our professionals are licensed or graduates in human nutrition and dietetics by the best universities. We take into account clinical history or anamnesis, diets performed previously to avoid encountering errors of the past and to plan a correct nutritional and nutritional coaching strategy, we consider basal metabolism, height and weight, activity performed by the patient, stress factor of the patient, type of sport, working hours and family situation, as well as the personal tastes and situations of each patient.

Our plans are totally professional and personalized, in addition to the quality and professionalism of our work we also put it in reports where the patient can see everything that has been calculated, as well as their evolution in terms of its improvement in percentage of fat of each of its body parts, musculature of all parts of the body, improvement or variations of basal metabolism, body mass index, weight etc.

From Zenit, your nutritionists in Barcelona, we calculate all this, we use several scientific formulas like the Harris – Benedict between one of them, we obtain the above mentioned calculations by several ways to minimize the probability of error, and for which we also use cineanthropometry in case of athletes patient or anthropometry in case of non-athlete patient, this we realize it through a professional nutritionist ISAK (International certification of anthropometry) where we calculate as stipulated all the necessary measures, body folds, perimeters, etc.  In our report we also show the somatocarta (graphic analysis of physical form).

One of the pillars of our method is nutrition education, this is the part of applied nutrition that guides its resources towards learning, adequacy and acceptance of healthy eating habits. Through our nutritional education at Zenit, we help our patients develop effective strategies to educate and inform and create behaviors that contribute to improving the eating habits and health of our patients and friends.

We obtain the best of coaching and mentoring to help our patients to obtain the results for which they come to us, we get through our help, knowledge and experience of having treated many cases in addition to the processes of learning of the patient induced by us to get the desired results.

We incorporate nutrigenetics to reach excellence in our service.

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