Exercise body and mind

How to practice Pilates?


Combine it with personal training and nutrition sessions


Practice Pilates separately in a private study.


  • It is a discipline whose objective is to exercise the body and mind, since through its practice, in addition to improving physical condition, it increases the capacity for control and concentration. It was created by Joseph H. Pilates in the early 20th century.
  • Pilates managed to create a routine of more than 500 exercises that combine calmness and flexibility and strength. The method can be reduced to 34 basic exercises of which there are many combinations and applications. In each of them anatomical angles and specific physiological levers are worked, and are performed to the rhythm of breathing.
  • It consist of an intense and effective method that brings remarkable benefits in the musculature, but there are more causes that have made more and more people practice it.

What does it consist

  • It is an anaerobic exercise or, in other words, an exercise performed for a short time and at high intensities, which is based, fundamentally, on strength.
  • The main objective of Pilates is to optimize the control and musculature in addition to the flexibility of the body. Like all physical exercise it means an increase in energy expenditure, therefore, it also helps to maintain a balanced weight.
  • There are 6 basic principles: concentration, control, precision, fluidity, respiration and center. This last principle is known as mansion of power. This area is formed by the abdominal muscles, the lower back and the buttocks and the intention is that, through its strengthening, other parts of the body are also exercised.
  • Most exercises are done through a series of slow movements and with the help of material specifically created for Pilates. In each controlled movement we try to be as precise as possible though breathing, a correct alignment of our body and concentration. Thus, violent and uncontrolled gestures that can harm the organism are avoided.

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