Oscar Bahí

  • Licensed in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (UB)
  • Postgraduate in Economic management in sports centers (UB)
  • Degree in Business Management (UB)
  • Higher level educational cycle in Sporting and physical activities Animator (Escuela del trabajo)
  • Certificate of enrollment in the official registration of professionals of the sport of Catalonia (REP). With de number 3232.
  • Postgraduate as Personal Trainer at the academia Orthos y la Salle (URL), competencies in:
    • Coaching
    • Integral evaluation
    • Techniques of personal trainer
    • Marketing strategies
  • Postgraduate in pathologies of back and special populations (Car de Sant Cugat)
  • Degree as fitness Monitor (Orthos)
  • Degree as bodybuilding Monitor  (Orthos)
  • Course in leadership  (Instituto Lifelong Learning)

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