Some of our clients and friends

“It was not easy making the decision to hire a personal trainer, in this case Oscar, I thought it meant so much effort mainly on time, but I can assure you that it is the best thing I have ever done and that I do not regret it at all. It is priceless to this feel good, I feel much better than before, probably the best investment I’ve made.”


“Hello everyone, my name is Alexandra and I really wanted to change my life not only in the physical but also to acquire good nutritional and lifestyle habits. I started to train with the Zenit Version program and I did very well. I have lost a lot of fat and gained muscle tone, as well as getting good habits that I needed the most. With Amaro I did boxing and cardio outdoors and with Carlos toning and crossfit. In a month I noticed a good change and at three months the change was spectacular, and the six months was already what I wanted, now I’m with a maintenance program. Thank you!!!!”


“Highly recommend! I lost more than 40 kg! It was not easy, but I was aware that I needed to change and they helped me a lot. There were very hard times, work, family … you know … but we stayed in the right line, we persisted and in the end we got it! Many thanks, especially to Oriol.”


“I had practiced sport all my life for which I had very good base but Toni made the best of me, He squeezed me to the maximum. Great Toni. It was great to be able to count on them, Toni trained me, but they all treated me as if they were my family. Gentlemen, it’s a pleasure!!!”


“I was recommended to hire a multidisciplinary service to prepare my delivery, the pre and the postpartum and I have to say that it was great. I liked it as much as they work, that afterwards I stayed to tone up and improve my figure and I’ve been with them for three years. A pleasure to be with you guys!!!”


“My name is Ricardo and I needed a change, I needed to find myself better and to be able to disconnect from work at a normal time since I stayed every day until ten at night in the office. I am very happy because I have improved a lot, I am very fit, the training sessions are very complete. We work crossfit, toning, boxing, we go running, functional training, I follow a nutritional plan that makes me perform better in all aspects of my life. For me a very important factor is that we are friends and I feel very good with them. Thank you.”


“Through stringing a series of determined circumstances I gained weight until I came to an unsustainable situation. I looked at myself in the mirror and did not recognize me, my self-esteem was really on the floor. Thanks to the support of my family I decided to undergo a stomach reduction operation with which I lost a lot of weight.
During the post-operative period, I thought a lot and decided that I did not want to go through this anymore and that I should never have reached the weight I had before the operation, so I made the decision to find a personal trainer to control and help me to never have obesity again.
A friend of my family recommended me to the Zenit team and I went to see them.

I honestly have to say that there was very good feeling from the first moment, we connected right away. I have been training with Oriol for 10 months and it has changed my life. In addition to toning and improving my health, losing weight, etc, it is making me understand that the most important thing is to integrate healthy habits and have a very different lifestyle than what I had. I feel better than ever and although I know that I still have a way to go, I am very proud of what I have achieved and I continue working with Oriol to continue improving and feel better every day that passes.”


“I wanted to get strong, to be more athletic and for that reason I hired Amaro, I loved his professionalism and joy. Great trainer!”


“After trying all kinds of diets, buying all kinds of training material I saw advertised on television and signing up to three different gyms to which I did not go to any, I chose to look for a personal trainer as a last option. I found Zenit through the Internet. We train at a distance because I am from Valencia and the results are more than obvious, I am better than ever and I lost 20 kg! In their online program, they not only prepare a routine and diet, but also follow up that in my case marked the difference between one more attempt and success. Thanks to their calls, their videoconference sessions, their messages, their interest and flexibility and I say flexibility because I am the mother of 2 children and along with my work I hardly have time of anything. In short, thanks to all this we have achieved it.”


“There came a time when I was not well, I needed a change in my life and so I started training with Carles, spent a year and I love the trainings, they are dynamic, fun, laugh a lot and get results. Once every two weeks we do an assessment and once more we value results and get more rigorous, I can run, jump, train weight, I feel more agile, more vital, I even run with my husband that before seemed unthinkable . Thanks beautiful! A big hug!”


“I needed to disconnect from my work and take a little time to myself. I could not do it and so I decided to hire Zenit’s personal training and nutrition service. At first I only wanted a month to gain impulse and then to continue on my own, the results were so good in physical and mental level that in the end I stayed 4 months training and learning”


“I found my passion in boxing. Amaro was able to motivate me a lot and thanks to him and to boxing I got better than ever. Kisses!!!”


“I had a small problem, I was going to get married and I had several extra kilos, you can imagine how I was, stressed and nervous because I wanted my wedding day to be unique and although nothing happens for marring with a few extra kilos, I was excited to be more fit, so I got ready to work and started training with Zenit, I was treated great we ended up being friends, incredible results and maximum motivation. I obviously invited them to my wedding. A hug team.”


“I trained all my life and I felt a bit stuck because of that I started to train with Toni for 6 weeks, the change was really notorious for the short time that I was and took advantage to learn a lot, we just improved the technique and profiled a little more my diet.”


“What to say about this great team. I am training with Carlos, very methodical coach, I am very happy and I have a lot of fun training. Let’s keep going!!! By the way when is the next dinner? Hahahaha (kidding), in the end we have become all friends. Very professional”


“At one point I got tired of living without a balance. I got in touch with Zenit, and the results were very good, they helped me a lot to define what I wanted. Having achieved my first goal I thought I wanted more, I’m training now for my second triathlon. Thanks guys!”


“I wanted to tone up and lose some localized fat. I trained with them, from the beginning I was hooked and the day I could not go I noticed that I was missing something. I followed a really good nutritional program and that helped me a lot since my problem was mostly on the food, so Irene thank you very much!”


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