Fight the stress

This discipline that was born in India teaches us to cultivate body, mind and soul.

Taking a time of relaxation for the body and mind is really important today, especially considering the level of stress and workload we all carry. Yoga is an ideal discipline to relax and be able to combat stress.

Benefits of our yoga classes

Physical benefits

  • Flexibility: through correct stretching techniques
  • Strength: help us to tone our body
  • Resistance: it provide us with muscular resistance
  • Postural correction: provide us with natural postural hygiene
  • Activating the blood flow: optimal blood circulation
  • Wellbeing: balances body and mind, it provide us with peace, tranquility and health

Mental benefits

  • Concentration: it help us improve memory and attentiveness
  • Emotional stability: help us get to know ourselves better and provides us with a different way to facing life
  • Peace: it brings us tranquility and understanding of ourselves through reaching for our inner selves
  • Self-esteem: integral development of ourselves so it help us strengthen our self-esteem

Spiritual benefits

  • Wisdom: help us to know other cultures and to be less rigid, it gives us knowledge of facets or aspects that previously we did not know and we hardly noticed
  • Rest: it help us sleep better at night
  • Calm: it provide us with a different way to deal with the difficult moments in life
  • Harmony: connection between mind, spirit and the physical, provide us with a complete or global state of harmony

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